Sea level rise and coastal erosion
in the Mediterranean basin

The international journal SEASCAPE is selecting contributions for its first issue, dedicated to the sea level rise and coastal erosion phenomena in the Mediterranean basin. The call is open to professors, researchers, scholars of any grade, technicians and professionals.
Each abstract, to be filed according to the following instructions, will undergo a double blind peer review procedure and evaluated by 3 members of the magazine’s Scientific Committee together with scholars external to the same. The evaluation will consider: contents originality, applied methodology and possible innovation contributing to research, text structure, exposure clarity and language.

The chosen authors will receive useful indications on how to proceed with the drafting of the full paper which will subsequently undergo a second review phase carried out by the magazine’s Scientific Committee and external scholars.

How to partecipate

In order to participate to the Call for abstract it is necessary to send a paper in Italian or English (one for each applicant and in English – compulsory – for foreigners) within the given time limit and in accordance with the attached format structured as follows.
– Title (maximum 100 characters),
– Subtitle (maximum 150 characters),
– Field of investigation (01/02),
– Introduction (maximum 1000 characters),
– Supported thesis (maximum 1500 characters),
– Conclusions (maximum 1000 characters),
– Bibliography (8 maximum),
– Maximum 3 images with captions (copyright-free images or including publishing permission by their rightful owner).

The abstract needs to be sent via e-mail to: bearing the subject: “Abstract – Seascape 01-Surname”. Applications sent differently will be excluded from the evaluation proceedings.

The theme

The speeding up of erosion phenomena is one of the most worrying effects of the ongoing climate change. The transformations that are taking place along the Mediterranean coastal areas are astonishingly evident and often alarming, both for the sea rising level, the ever more frequent tide alternation, wind and rain, and for the anthropic interference. Unauthorized development and inadequacy of the techniques and technologies used for mitigation have paradoxically helped to increase erosive stress, therefore upsetting landscapes and swiping away their identity and uniqueness.
Considering such an uncertain scenario, the disciplines dealing with territory and sea are invited to deepen and intensify the evaluation and supplementing of their theoretical assumptions as well as of their practice, and to build, along the coastal shores, new chances of discussion, exchange and cooperation.

The first issue of Seascape has the purpose of gathering research and interdisciplinary project experiences, aimed to the understanding of phenomena such as the rising of sea level and erosion along the coastal areas of the Mediterranean basin, to analyse in depth their tendencies and evolution and identify and analyse past errors. The target is to form a strategic line to coexist with the ongoing phenomena, dealing with handled actions of adjustment and retreat before further physical, economic and social heritage is lost forever.
Therefore, the contributions in applications will have to tackle with one of the following investigation topics:

Topic 01 – Coastal erosion, impact and safeguard

The first investigation topic concerns experiences in research and design aimed to the building of strategies and works for the defence from both erosion and floods (breakwaters, groynes, artificial reefs, revetments, seawalls, bulkheads, etc.).
The paper will have to contain explicative examples of the transformation tendencies of the Mediterranean shores and coastal landscapes, clearing the scientific reasons grounding the choices of design, along with the effects of the interventions as for mitigation of the phenomena, quality and working of the ecosystems.
More in detail, they will have to keep in high consideration the interdisciplinary connections, i.e. the description of the methodologies used for the mingling of knowledges and skills at the service of the interventions themselves.

Topic 02 – Handled adjustment and retreat

The second investigation scope concerns the strategies for handled (or strategic) adjustment and retreat, implemented to rise the sea level in the Mediterranean for the safety’s sake of towns and infrastructures built along its coastlines. The contributions – in describing the adopted proceeding for the building of policies, the use of original instruments (or for the updating of the existing ones), for the realization of regeneration or upgrading projects with combined adapting goals – will have to clarify the short, medium and long period objectives, according to the forecasts and scenarios at their disposal.
Therefore, the advantages and risks for the natural and anthropic systems, for landscape perception, for economies and quality of inhabiting will have to be explicited.


Sunday, January 23rd, 2022_ Abstract deadline
Saturday, February 12th, 2022_ Communication to each applicant of the blind review results
Saturday, April 9th, 2022_ Full paper (first writing) deadline

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