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Salvatore Primiceri
Jurist, essayist and editor

Salvatore Primiceri is jurist, essayist and editor, in particular is editorial director of Primiceri Editore (Padova) and Libri dell’Arco (Rimini). Graduated in law at Università Cattolica in Milan, since he has been a student, he has worked in the world of communication and digital publishing, by founding his own communication and cultural event organization agency. He started to talk about liberalization of the market of the copyright in music, writing “Abolire la SIAE” and joining to many meeting about the topic. Thanks to his interest in philosophy, he has written several essays of legal and moral philosophy, including “Etica del buonsenso” and “La giustizia del buonsenso”, awarded during “Premio Internazionale Montefiore”. He is also writer of stories for children. In 2019 his book “Il treno che porta al mare” is awarded during the 25th edition of the famous national award “Scelto da noi”. Since 2015 he is mainly engaged in the publishing industry both as editor and essayist. Music and sea are included among his several passions.