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Paolo De Martino
Architect – Ph.D

Graduated in Architecture from the University of Naples Federico II (DiARC). Following this, he worked as an architect in Naples, focusing mainly on the reuse of the existing architectural heritage and on urban regeneration. In 2014 he moved to Delft, where he completed a PhD in a dual research program between TU Delft and University of Naples Federico II. His research, entitled “Land in Limbo”, investigates port cities from a spatial and governance perspective, analysing the impact in shaping spatial development. The city of Naples is an emblematic case to question how to rethink the areas of land-sea interaction, at different scales, as opportunities for territorial regeneration. Since 2017 he has been teaching at the Department of Architecture of TU Delft where he is tutoring students in Design Studios such as “Architecture and Urbanism beyond oil”, “Adaptive Strategies” and “Designing Public Spaces for Maritime Mindsets”, coordinated by Carola Hein. Since 2021, in collaboration with TU Delft, he has been involved in teaching two MOOCs entitled: (Re)Imagining Port Cities: Understanding Space, Society and Culture and Water Works: Activating Heritage for Sustainable Development. Paolo De Martino is a member of the PortCityFutures research group and he is in the coordination group. Since 2022 he is a Research Fellow at the IUAV University of Venice, under the supervision of Prof. Francesco Musco, on the theme of Maritime Spatial Planning for the Italian coast.